specimen #6997

img 11534 - 200 DPI
img 11535 - 200 DPI
img 11537 - 200 DPI

age / gender ad. male
finding location Illmitz, Burgenland
finding circumstances dead find
finding date 2016
coll. senl
created: 16.04.2021


longest primary H8=204,5mm
small individual
35% of max range of variation
longest secondary A2=111,5mm
longest retrix S1=179,0mm
average individual
45% of max range of variation
all values

A13 71.0mm
H10 180.0mm
S6 152.0mm
S5 167.5mm
S4 173.0mm
S3 175.5mm
S2 176.5mm
S1 179.0mm
A12 88.0mm
A11 96.5mm
A10 101.0mm
A9 100.0mm
A8 99.5mm
A7 99.5mm
A6 99.0mm
A4 104.5mm
H9 203.0mm
H8 204.5mm
H7 191.5mm
H6 181.0mm
H5 165.5mm
H4 151.5mm
H3 139.5mm
H2 127.5mm
A5 100.5mm
A3 107.5mm
A2 111.5mm
H1 118.0mm
A1 109.0mm