specimen #3944

img 5663 - 150 DPI
img 5664 - 150 DPI
img 5665 - 150 DPI
img 5666 - 0 DPI

subspecies A. o. xantholaema
finding location Voliere
specimen key 69/61/19/1
finding circumstances breed bird
coll. 2d81
Scientific feather collection Wilfried Hansen. Commercial use permitted under CC BY 4.0 license as long as credit is given to Wilfried Hansen and the Feather Research Group est. 1972
created: 15.12.2018


longest primary H7=193,5mm
longest secondary A10=151,0mm
longest retrix S3=138,5mm
all values

H8 191.5mm
H10 170.0mm
S6 128.0mm
S5 132.0mm
S4 135.5mm
S3 138.5mm
S2 137.5mm
S1 134.0mm
A10 151.0mm
A9 150.5mm
A8 145.0mm
A7 141.0mm
A6 142.0mm
A4 150.5mm
A5 143.5mm
H7 193.5mm
H6 193.0mm
H5 177.0mm
H4 169.5mm
H3 163.0mm
H2 159.5mm
H1 154.5mm
A1 148.0mm
A2 147.5mm
A3 148.5mm