specimen #2213

img 3337 - 150 DPI

age / gender 1st cy
finding location
finding circumstances washed up
finding date 15.08.2013
coll. 411t
created: 04.02.2017


longest primary H9=298,5mm
small individual
2% of max range of variation
longest secondary A1=155,0mm
longest retrix S5=153,5mm
smallest individual in collection
lower bound of range o variation
all values

A17 153.0mm
A9 146.0mm
A10 145.0mm
A11 146.5mm
A12 146.5mm
A13 147.0mm
A14 146.5mm
A15 149.5mm
A16 151.5mm
A8 146.0mm
A19 137.5mm
A20 118.0mm
S2 153.0mm
S3 153.0mm
S4 153.0mm
S5 153.5mm
S6 150.5mm
H1 163.5mm
H9 298.5mm
H8 291.0mm
H7 276.5mm
H6 257.5mm
H5 236.5mm
H4 215.0mm
H3 192.5mm
H2 177.0mm
H10 288.0mm
A1 155.0mm
A2 151.0mm
A3 147.5mm
A4 145.5mm
A5 143.0mm
A6 143.0mm
A7 144.5mm