specimen #2015

img 2963 - 300 DPI
img 2964 - 300 DPI
img 2965 - 300 DPI

age / gender 2nd cy female
finding location Pottenbrunn, NÖ.
specimen key 124-02
finding circumstances traffic victim
finding date 09.05.1992
coll. 4jvh
created: 29.11.2016


longest primary H8=207,0mm
average individual
44% of max range of variation
longest secondary A1=116,0mm
longest retrix S3=167,5mm
smallest individual in collection
lower bound of range o variation
all values

A13 64.0mm
H10 184.0mm
H4 157.5mm
S6 149.5mm
S5 163.0mm
S4 165.5mm
S3 167.5mm
A14 45.0mm
A12 84.5mm
A11 94.5mm
A10 98.5mm
A9 100.0mm
A8 100.0mm
A7 103.0mm
A5 103.0mm
H9 206.5mm
H8 207.0mm
H7 194.0mm
H6 181.5mm
H5 167.5mm
H3 143.0mm
H2 134.5mm
H1 123.0mm
A6 104.0mm
A4 108.5mm
A3 111.5mm
A2 114.0mm
A1 116.0mm