genus of Psittacidae within Psittaciformes

trivial name latin name name specimens
Inseparable del Nyasa
Agapornis lilianae
Agapornis lilianae 1 1
Inseparable abisinio
Agapornis taranta
Agapornis taranta 4 4
Inseparable Carirrojo
Agapornis pullarius
Agapornis pullarius 1 1
Inseparable malgache
Agapornis canus
Agapornis canus 1 1
Inseparable cabecinegro
Agapornis personatus
Agapornis personatus 5 5
Inseparable de Fischer
Agapornis fischeri
Agapornis fischeri 4 4
Inseparable cachetón
Agapornis nigrigenis
Agapornis nigrigenis 4 4
Inseparable de Namibia
Agapornis roseicollis
Agapornis roseicollis 5 5

species comparison1)

1) According to Hartmann (2000a, 2000b and 2016)

Random specimens