Project references, the featherbase collection was already used for

Dorling Kindersley (DK), UK 2024
Knowledge Compendium April 2024 - feather images of Opisthocomus hoazin, Argusianus argus, Caloenas nicobarica, Meleagris ocellata and Merops apiaster
GEO Magazine 2022
11/2022: “Der Fluch der blauen Federn” - usage of feather images of Cyanopsitta spixii
Samara National Research University, Russia 2021
“Feathers Fine-Grained Visual Categorization”: use featherbase data to train a neural network
Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe 2021
Bildung und Vermittlung - Kommunikation Ausstellung “Neobiota - Natur im Wandel”: feathers images of Alopochen aegyptiacus
Auerhahn im Schwarzwald e.V., Freiburg 2021
article about feathers of the Capercaille: feather images of Tetrao urogallus
Heidelberg University, Germany - Institute of East Asian Art History 2021
The Social Life of Chinese - A World Dotted with Kingfisher Blue: Feather Tributes and the Qing Court: feather images of Halcyon smyrnensis
Mandai Bird Park, Singapore 2021
SPACElogic Pte Ltd, Singapore: Exhibit display for several species: feather images of Argusianus argus, Ardea alba, Dromaius novaehollandiae, Eudynamys scolopaceus, Upupa epops, Caprimulgus macrurus
McGill University Montreal, Canada 2021
Department of Chemical Engineering - Article about biomimetics, functional surfaces: feather images of Spheniscus humboldti
Florida International Universtity, Miami, USA 2020
Identification guide of west African wildlife: feather images of Circus aeruginosus
Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom - Comparative Nutrition Society 2020
School of Animal, Rural & Environment Sciences: feather color pigmentation survey: consulting and project planning
design office - Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH Bad Harzburg 2020
project “bird educational suitcase”: feather images for the creation of a bird memory game
National Fish and Wildlife Service, USA 2020
feather identification support
Computer Science at Zagazig University, Egypt, in cooperation with Hunan University, China 2019
Applying algorithms and processing on feather images to be used for several scientific projects: many specimens from the website
WWF Germany 2019
brochure “White tailed eagles in Germany”: feather images of Haliaeetus albicilla
Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Leipzig, Germany 2019
impact regulation, transport route planning: complete list of all traffic victims, recorded in the featherbase database for statistic analysis
Art Direction & Motion Design Berlin 2019
uncommercial music video: feather images of Tyto alba
Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, Munich 2019
Centre for Virtual Reality and Visualisation (V2C) - environment protection project with augmented reality (app prototype): feather images of Vanellus vanellus and Numenius arquata
Landesbund für Vogelschutz e.V. (LBV), Kreisgruppe Landshut 2018
help with feather identification
NABU Pforzheim 2018
presentation about the bird of the year: feather images of Alauda avernsis
RenderArea, Tres Cantos, Spain 2018
Book “Aves que dejan huella”: feather images of several European species
Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Baden-Württemberg, Germany 2018
Wald und Gesellschaft, Arbeitsbereich Wildtierökologie - research project “Auerhuhn & Windenergie” (“Capercaille and wind energy”) "Tipps und Tricks zur Arterkennung und zum Monitoring von Auerhühnern im Schwarzwald”: feather images of Tetrao urogallus
Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Vogelkunde und Vogelschutz - Südtirol EO 2017
Vereinszeitung - Artikel zum Vogel des Jahres 2017 - Waldkauz: feather image of Strix aluco
ARD Fernsehen "Wissen macht Ah" 2017
Ausstrahlung Samstag, 11.11.2017, Federn der Stockente zu Demonstrationszwecken
NABU Landesverband Berlin e.V. 2017
Ausstellungstafel zum Vogel des Jahres 2017 - Waldkauz - feather image of Strix aluco
Sächsische Zeitung 2014
“Lachender Zorro” - Beitrag zum Vogel des Jahres 2014 - der Grünspecht - feather images of Picus viridis