specimen #9953

img 16060 - 600 DPI
img 16061 - 600 DPI

age / gender ad. male
finding location Gulf of Gdańsk
specimen key 50/9
finding date 09.03.2015
coll. qw47
Collection in Poland
created: 22.04.2024


bycatch victim


longest primary H9=166,0mm
biggest individual in collection
upper bound of range of variation
longest secondary A15=122,5mm
longest retrix 0
all values

A5 91.5mm
A6 90.5mm
A18 55.5mm
A17 81.5mm
A16 99.5mm
A15 122.5mm
A14 112.0mm
A13 106.0mm
A12 99.5mm
A11 94.0mm
A10 92.5mm
A9 92.0mm
A8 91.0mm
A7 90.5mm
H10 160.0mm
H8 164.5mm
H9 166.0mm
A4 94.5mm
A3 97.0mm
A2 99.0mm
A1 99.5mm
H1 105.5mm
H2 112.0mm
H3 121.0mm
H4 130.0mm
H5 139.0mm
H6 148.0mm
H7 157.0mm