Accipiter nisus (Sperwer)

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I found this feather long time ago. Although I don't remember it clearly, I believe it was found in the location mentioned above, a big forest area in the mountains. The time of the year was probably summer but, once again, I am not sure about it.
Doesn’t look like a bird of prey feather. My bets are on crakes (if yes then it’s probably from a little or a corn crake) and other waterbirds like them. Not sure about the exact species, i’ll catch up if i find it later
One of my options was Accipiter nisus. I found some similar feather in collections #2287 and #3532. However, I am going to check the species you mentioned. There is water in the area (if the area is really that one, as I am not sure), but the river is so small and the temperatures are usually cold. Anyway, we only can say for sure it was found in Central Spain, as I might have mixed it up with other collections, so we can't reject any species.
Yeah, i was gonna say that too but something seems a bit off. Dunno, maybe you’re right. I’ve never gotten my hands on an adult male, only 1st year males and adult females and they didn’t have this type of feather on them. Maybe it’s only a subadult/adult male thing if it’s indeed from that species
I agree with Accipiter nisus, especially because of #3532 as you mentioned. The color looks exactly right and #3532 proves that there can be asymmetrical patterning on these underwing coverts.
I checked the body feathers of a mount of a male today. It did not have this certain feather probably because it was not fully grown but it had some very similar ones. You were right, as expected.
Thank both, Accipiter nisus then.