Platycercus elegans (Pennant-rosella)



These feathers we picked up from the floor outside of an exhibition of exotic birds. This means they could be anything! They are bright blue (not seen so well in the photo) and are almost 22 cm long. We are thinking some type of parrakeet maybe but we have not found anything in the data base which matches for size... Any ideas?
Maybe i’m not correct because i don’t know the size of hyacinth macaw retrices, but if these feathers don’t have any signs of red or yellow on them (especially their underside) then they should be from a hyacinth macaw, since they’re the largest blue parrots out there without any obvious reds or yellows on their wing and tail feathers.
The image is very dark and the coloring of the feather is not visible. the bright patch on the tip of the upper feather points to a Platycercus species? Can you provide a brighter image?
The eastern rosella is certainly a species i didn’t take into consideration at first, great suggestion. Now, to the poster, could you tell if the underside of these feathers is light or dark in coloration if possible? That would be another indicator of the species
Eduard Anders
Thank you for your replies... First of all, the underside of the feathers is generally completely dark, only the underside tip of one feather shows very slight blue colouration. Definately NO red or NO yellow! From an Eastern Rosella I think they are not - we found a 'road kill' Eastern Rosella in 2016 so can compare the tail feathers quite easily... Rosella feathers are significantly smaller (17.5 cm compared to these at 22 cm), plus our Eastern Rosella feathers show green on the top side, these unidentified feathers do not... Not sure if I can add additional images here (?) so I will post new photos of the same feathers in a new ID request...
Good suggestion for a new feature - I will work on it ;)
It's possible an Eurasian Magpie (Pica pica). Is very common in Europe. Is very common in botanical parks, zoos (wild specimens are looking for anything to eat outside the jails)


Platycercus elegans (Pennant-rosella)
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