Falco vespertinus (Roodpootvalk)

Eduard Anders
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Found on open land boarded by trees. However just a short distance from big lakes so theoretically could even have been a bird flying over... Photo shows Sparrowhawk feather (found on the same day) for size comparison (about 10.5 cm long). Originally I thought it had a similar shape to the sparrowhawk feather and could be a similar bird, but now I see that is maybe not the case! Does anyone have any ideas???!
maybe male?
Eduard Anders
Thanks Alex. Good suggestion : http://www.vogelfedern.de/index-e.htm Feathers from male bird do look similar... If this is a Lesser Kestrel it would be a very good find because these birds are not listed in the 'Birds Of Czech Republic' checklist (2016)! It was close to the Polish border on the east side, and given the changes in weather patterns over the last few years, (higher temperatures across Europe), we know some birds are moving into areas where they traditionally have not been before, so I would like to think there is a good chance Lesser Kestrel is possible... Thanks!
Most likely this


Falco vespertinus (Roodpootvalk)
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