specimen #5080

img 7091 - 300 DPI

age / gender ad.
finding location Ighri, Morocco
finding circumstances traffic victim
finding date 10.03.2020
coll. c9e3
Collection in France
created: 24.03.2020


longest primary H8=136,0mm
biggest individual in collection
upper bound of range of variation
longest secondary A1=97,5mm
all values

A2 95.5mm
A13 66.5mm
A12 76.0mm
A11 79.5mm
A10 82.0mm
A9 83.0mm
A8 84.5mm
A7 86.5mm
A6 87.0mm
A5 87.5mm
A4 92.0mm
A3 92.5mm
H10 112.5mm
A1 97.5mm
H1 100.0mm
H2 104.0mm
H3 108.5mm
H4 114.5mm
H5 118.5mm
H6 125.0mm
H7 134.0mm
H8 136.0mm
H9 133.0mm