specimen #1945

img 2799 - 300 DPI
img 2800 - 300 DPI

subspecies Z. a. toratugumi
age / gender ad.
finding location Ayase (Pref. Kanagawa Japan)
specimen key JP16/S-15
finding circumstances dead find
finding date 11.01.2005
coll. 411t
created: 07.11.2016


longest primary H8=134,5mm
small individual
20% of max range of variation
longest secondary A1=96,0mm
longest retrix S2=117,5mm
small individual
31% of max range of variation
all values

H9 127.0mm
H10 34.5mm
S7 109.0mm
S6 113.5mm
S5 114.5mm
S4 116.0mm
S3 116.5mm
S2 117.5mm
S1 116.0mm
A9 51.0mm
A8 67.5mm
A7 78.5mm
A6 81.5mm
A5 84.5mm
A3 90.0mm
A4 87.5mm
H8 134.5mm
H7 133.0mm
H6 128.5mm
H5 119.5mm
H4 113.5mm
H3 109.0mm
H2 105.5mm
H1 101.5mm
A1 96.0mm
A2 94.0mm