specimen #2054

img 3050 - 0 DPI
img 3049 - 276 DPI

age / gender ad. male
finding location Murchiner Wiesen
specimen key 63/10
finding circumstances plucked feathers
finding date 11.04.2009
coll. 04fi
created: 02.12.2016


longest primary H9=215,5mm
biggest individual in collection
upper bound of range of variation
longest secondary A13=142,0mm
all values

A3 112.5mm
H9 215.5mm
H8 211.5mm
H7 200.5mm
H6 189.0mm
H5 174.5mm
H4 159.0mm
H3 145.5mm
H2 134.5mm
H1 122.0mm
A1 111.5mm
A2 112.5mm
H10 206.0mm
A4 111.0mm
A5 109.0mm
A6 108.0mm
A7 110.5mm
A8 109.5mm
A9 115.0mm
A10 120.5mm
A11 130.5mm
A12 140.0mm
A13 142.0mm
A14 120.5mm