feather collection

systematic order

latin name english name
Accipitriformes Hawks, eagles and old world vultures
Anseriformes Ducks, geese and swans
Apodiformes Swifts and hummingbirds
Bucerotiformes Hornbills, hoopoe and wood hoopoes
Caprimulgiformes Nightjar and allies
Charadriiformes Waders, gulls and auks
Ciconiiformes Storks, herons, egrets, ibises and spoonbills
Coliiformes Mousebirds
Columbiformes Pigeons / doves
Coraciiformes Roller birds
Cuculiformes Cuckoos
Eurypygiformes Sunbittern and kagu
Falconiformes Falcons
Galliformes Chicken, grouse and turkeys
Gaviiformes Loons
Gruiformes Rails and cranes
Musophagiformes Turacos
Otidiformes Floricans, bustards and korhaans
Passeriformes Songbirds and kin
Pelecaniformes Pelicans
Phoenicopteriformes Flamingoes
Piciformes Woodpeckers
Podicipediformes Grebes
Procellariiformes Albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters
Psittaciformes Parrots
Pteroclidiformes Sandgrouse
Sphenisciformes Penguins
Strigiformes Owls
Struthioniformes Ostriches
Trochiliformes Hummingbirds