Strix uralensis (Ural Owl)

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I think first is Bubo bubo and second Strix aluco. Am I right?
You’re half correct :) #1 is bubo bubo and #2 is strix uralensis for sure because it’s the last primary feather from the wing and a tawny owl’s last primary can’t exceed 17cm, plus the color is identical of that of ural owls (look at this for reference
I highly recommend adding the ural owl feather’s location to an ebird checklist with the picture of the feather as proof if you found it in the wild as that bird is considered very rare in central europe and there are not many sightings of them at all in slovakia.
Thank you. Feathers are from wild, from the Slovak Karst. Population of Ural Owl in Slovakia is increasing, there are documented nestings of the species even from western Slovakia. In some parts of eastern Slovakia, Ural Owl is more common than Tawny Owl.
I did not know about that at all..! I was also under the impression that tawny owls were very common in central europe for some reason. Anyway, good to know that ural owls are recovering!
Eduard Anders
Ano, 2 pírko je Puštík belavý (Strix uralensis) na 100%. P?ed pár lety jsme taky našli pírko Puštíka belavého u nás na St?ední Morav? (Czech Republic) takže je evidentní že se sovy p?esouvají tímhle sm?rem... Yes, the 2nd feather is Ural owl 100% sure. A few years ago we found an Ural Owl feather in Central Moravia, (Czech Republic), so it is evident that the owls are moving this way...


Strix uralensis (Ural Owl)
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