Mareca strepera (Gadwall)

Eduard Anders
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Here's another one from the same place... When we picked this up it was by an enclosure containing an Hawaiian Goose and at the time we believed it was from this bird. However when we got back home to The Czech Republic and tried to identify the feathers we had brought back, this feather (about 19 cm) seemed a little too small for Hawaiian Goose going from size information (relative to other common European geese) we found on the internet. Can anyone comment on this...?
Take this with a grain of salt... i’m not good at waterbird feather id, but by doing a search of different types of english and european goose and duck feathers i believe this looks a lot like gadwall primaries (and it has the right size too), and gadwalls are one of the most common ducks of the UK (after mallards, green-winged teals and tufted ducks) so there’s definitely a high possibility that they existed in that park.
Eduard Anders
Thanks Val. Feathers from zoos can very often be tricky as they could be anything, - not always a native species too! We usually try to ID them as we pick them up, it doesn't always work though...! I think it is safe to say, (perhaps stating the obvious!), that it is certainly a duck or smaller type of goose, (ie. NOT Canada or Greylag.) As for Gadwall, not sure if the colour is correct, - we will need to check some further examples on the internet... Don't worry Val, if we can't make a positive 100% ID with this one, we've got plenty more you can have a go at!!!! ;-)
Eduard Anders
This was the place : A video shot on 9/3/2013 showing lots of different ducks... We were there 8/8/2012, don't remember it being so wet then!


Mareca strepera (Gadwall)
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