Botaurus stellaris (Great Bittern)

Eduard Anders
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So we found another feather similar to that in ID Request #478... This was found at a different but similar location in the same general area as the first find. Size and colouring suggest it is from the same bird species. Comments concerning the first feather are tending towards a feather from a Great Bittern, does this second feather add any more weight to this possibility? Area is open farm land with a stream (surrounded by trees on either side) winding through it. In places there are occasionally tall reeds although I cannot describe them as a 'thick reed bed'. FIRST PHOTO shows the new feather, SECOND PHOTO shows the new feather with that found previously... Most prominent birds in the area are Kestrel, Red Footed Falcon, Sparrowhawk, Pheasant, Grey Partridge, Long Eared Owl, Common Buzzard... Does anyong have any more comments and/or suggestions? Could this still be Great Bittern?


Botaurus stellaris (Great Bittern)
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