Bonasia bonasia (Haselhuhn)

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I found that feathers in the snow, close to the track of one or more birds that walked into the forest. Therefore I first thought of a bird like partridges but looking at the examples here I think it might be predators feathers (and the track was from other birds so). My best guess is these are feathers of a goshawk. Compared to the examples from the sparrowhawk it looks closer to the sparrowhawk but as far as I know sparrowhawks does not life in Lapland during this time of the year? But I am no expert. I don't have a ruler, so I hope you can work with this picture of the feathers.
Not bird of prey because of the structure and pattern. Definitely from a grouse/pheasant sp, most likely a hazel grouse. Check featherbase specimens #947 and #2017 to see the similarity between your feathers and theirs if you’d like to. I checked the feathers of other grouse/pheasant species of your area and none of them seemed to be such a good match as the hazel grouse.
Thank you very much, it really looks like that. So the tracks in the snow make totally sense now and were most likely from the same bird. I am impressed of your skill to identify feathers, I wonder how someone learns this.
Experience is all you need! I’ve been collecting for 3 years and i started being interested in the id of the feathers i found about 2 years ago. With such a large collection, i’ve got specimens from birds of many families, and by observing my finds i learn more about the feather structure of each bird family, so that when someone finds a feather from a bird i don’t know, i think what family it’s from and look up the birds found in the area that belong in that family, eventually tracking down the exact species. If you’re passionate about something you can become really successful in it, even if you’re self-taught ^^


Bonasia bonasia (Haselhuhn)
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