Hydrocoloeus minutus (Zwergmöwe)

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Gefunden im August 2015, Spülsaum an der Ostsee/Usedom. Die Gesamtfederlänge beträgt 17,5 cm. Die Federgröße entspräche ja durchaus der Zwergmöwe, allerdings stimmt meiner Meinung nach die Ausfärbung weder mit adulten noch mit juvenilen Tieren überein. Found at the beach of the baltic sea (Usedom), August 2015; feather length 17.5 cm - size of little gull primaries - but in my opinion, coloration/pattern don't fit..
This is definitely a tough one to id... does not match the feathers of common species from that area in size, it’s close to mew gull primaries but still not big enough... not little gull for sure... so i’m gonna take some wild guesses on the much rarer gulls of the area. Franklin’s gull is my choice. Fits the size and color imo, but they haven’t been recorded in that area many times, if any.
Eduard Anders
Just a suggestion to put out there... What about Kittiwake? Feather looks quite similar to some we picked up in Wales a couple of years ago...???
Not from a kittiwake, it’s too small to be from one..! I doubt the P9 of a kittiwake would be 6cm smaller than the minimum size of what it can reach... Kittiwake P9s have to be at least 23cm, or in a very rare occasion, 22-20cm but not 17.5. I mean, we can’t take it to such extremes, that would technically not be possible


Hydrocoloeus minutus (Zwergmöwe)
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