Platycercus elegans (Pennantsittich)



CONTINUATION TO ID REQUEST #480 First photo shows the tops of the feathers (22cm). I have added the largest tail feather from an Eastern Rosella to the photo, this measures 17.5 cm. Hopefully this photo is brighter and will give an idea of colouration...?! Second photo shows the underside of the same feathers...
yes, no it really looks like this :p
Eduard Anders
Not sure about Crimson Rosella... Data base shows feathers of 18.5 cm, the two unidentified feathers are 22 cm, so...?!! Regarding Hyacinth Macaw : The colour matches pretty much exactly with (much smaller) feathers we have from the local zoo...
pay attention to the clear border between blue and dark grey on outer tail feathers of hyazinth macaw. Do your feathers have this?
Eduard Anders
The photo does not show this, but I am sure you understand that the colours change slightly depending upon the angle of the sun... In full daylight : Basically, both feathers are pure ‘hyacinth macaw blue‘ on the outer side. On the inner side, one feather has a blackish border (1 cm width) ALL THE WAY ALONG the inner edge, the other has the blackish border ONLY AT THE BASE, (first 5-6 cm). Otherwise, both feathers on the inner side fade from ‘hyacinth macaw blue‘ at the top to a slightly 'greenish blue' towards the base...
Eduard Anders
So, an update... Managed to get some Hyacinth Macaw tail feathers from the local zoo for comparison. Conclusion is that I don't think these feathers are from that species. Why? Hyacinth feathers from the zoo do not fade from blue to green when viewing in full sunlight, (they are pure blue), plus even at 22 cm these feathers appear to be much too small! Any parrot experts out there who can offer any other suggestions...?
Oberste ist von einem rosellasittich Unteren 2 sind.pennantsittich
yes, I'm still going with P. elegans :p


Platycercus elegans (Pennantsittich)
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