Exhibit #8938

Senegal Coucal
Centropus senegalensis

Finding data

Alter / Geschlecht immat.
finding place Seredou, Guinea
Schlüssel 71/38/23/1
finding origin Death find
finding date 01.02.1997
Coll. 2d81
Scientific feather collection Wilfried Hansen. Commercial use permitted under CC BY 4.0 license as long as credit is given to Wilfried Hansen and the Feather Research Group est. 1972
created on 24.03.2023 12:01Uhr

Species identification

großes Ex., lt. „Birds of Africa“ ist der Flügel max. 186 mm (T) lang, aber in Guinea kommt keine andere Centropus-Art vor

Age identification

vgl. Abb. FRY, KEITH, URBAN „The Birds of Africa”, Vol. III, plate 6

Picture #14607
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Picture #14607
300 DPI